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            Air Shower
            Category:Air Purification Equipment
            The air shower is a necessary passage for people to enter the clean room,which can reduce the pollution caused bypeople entering and leaving the clean room. lt is a kind of local purification equipment with strong versatility, whichis installed between the clean room and the non-clean room. When personnel want to enter the clean area, theyneed to be showered through the air shower.
            The clean air blown out can remove the dust carried by thepersonnel, and can effectively block and reduce the dust source from entering the clean area. At the same time.the front and rear doors are electronically interlocked,which can also act as an airlock to control the outsidepolluted air entering the clean area.This equipment is widely used in biological laboratories,pharmaceuticalfactories, hospitals, food processing, electronics factories, painting and other air purification places.

            Brief introduction of structure characteristics of air shower room

            First, the structure of the air shower

            1. The internal air duct is specially designed to ensure the high wind speed of the outlet

            2, the use of automatic control operation, double door electronic interlock, infrared induction automatic blowing, blowing double door lock.

            3, cold plate spray series, using multi-layer pickling technology, electrostatic dust-free spray treatment or all stainless steel.

            4, made of stainless steel door, door frame, handle, air shower nozzle for the basic configuration.

            5, the use of digital display, the wind shower time can be adjusted, and display the wind shower time.

            Two, the working principle of the air shower

            The ambient air through the primary filter, the special fan pressure into the static pressure box, and then after filtration by high efficiency filter, from the air outlet surface blowing out high-speed clean air, clean air at high speed by the rotating nozzle spray to the human body, effective and rapid removal of dust particles attached to clothes.

            Basic configuration of air shower room:

            1, the air shower room material: the outer box and the inner wall are made of high quality cold plate spraying or stainless steel, to the external corrosion and rust play a good protective barrier;

            2, purification level: static thousand level;

            3, double layer filtration system: plate type filter and diaphragm type high efficiency filter, to ensure the purification level

            4. Advanced programmable circuit board control, automatic infrared induction shower, Chint AC contactor, double doors automatically lock when blowing;

            5, with adjustable Angle stainless steel nozzle, durable; Air shower handle and floor are made of anti-wear and easy to clean stainless steel plate.

            6, LED time display, the air shower time is 0--99 seconds adjustable, blowing time countdown display;

            7, the selection of large air volume and low noise air shower special fan, outlet nozzle wind speed is greater than 25m/s, to ensure that the wind can blow to the goods up to 18m/s, in line with the national and industry standards;

            8. Power supply: 3N, 380V, 50HZ, 1.2KW;

            9, the product leaves the factory, in accordance with the federal standard 209E test after the factory, high reliability.

            10, the air shower room can be customized according to different site size, modular design, assembly and transportation is very convenient;

            Configuration selection

            1.According to the material requirements:Powder coated steel, Polish SUS 201/304/316; Mirror suS 201/304/316

            2.According to power supply requirements:voltage 220V/380V, frequency 50Hzl60Hz. Number of phases: single-phase / three-phase;

            3.According to the requirements of blowing:single blow,top blow,double blow, three blow;

            4.According to the number of people:single person, double person,multiple people.

            5.According to the door requirements:manual doors, automatic 90 degree doors,sliding doors. fast rolling shutter doors. curtaindoors, no doors,etc.

            6.According to the requirements of use:manual door, automatic door, S type,L type,three-doors air shower, bufferroom,etc.

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